Nexer is a tech company leading the digital revolution. With us you move towards a future that holds a promise. Of a business that excels. Of a career that takes off. Of a better life for all. We aim to deliver on that promise.  



The impact of artificial intelligence is transforming industries across the world. Creating business and customer value by turning big data into increasingly personalised insights, products and services. Nexer helps transform collected data into accurate predictions, deeper understanding, and informed decisions. On a scale that would be impossible for any individual analyst.

 Through advanced analytics, we support businesses in conducting the right analyses, posing the right questions and taking the right actions. We are a true problem solver — from supporting retail businesses in understanding their customers’ shopping behaviour, to enabling more sustainable mining practices and safer construction and transports by analysing huge amounts of photo data. No matter your industry or field, we can help you transform complex data into new opportunities. Give us a call!